Interdisciplinary Art/ Vakoverschrijdend/Project atelier

Teacher and Supervisor: Marc Horemans (www.marchoremans.com), SLAC Leuven

Theme: Horizon for academy year 2018-2019

My interpretation to Horizon as follows:


Step 1: 18-09-2018



Step 2: 9-10-2018



Step 3: 12-12-2018 – Ratio 1: 1: words : colors

Studies with 3D accumulations & photos:

The tension between the inescapable or unavoidable:

I may have learned something about paintings in the past few years through the academic platforms.

I write texts without any training in this field but only within my feelings and limited knowledge, but I never gave much attention to my writings anyway.  You may call them ‘poems’ or not but the texts have very much influences on my paintings.

Within my creativity,  I now obviously see the link in relation of ratio’s between my writings and paintings!

As Leonardo da Vinci said “Painting is poetry that is seen rather than felt, and poetry is painting that is felt rather than seen.”

I can feel and see both in my own pallet.

In this theme horizon, I am stipulated or imposed myself in a  line where my past, present and future blend together, always as nostalgia, where the images form within the words and colors as an abutment.




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