Born in Bangladesh and came to Belgium in 1991. Background study in Bangladesh was Bachelor in Architecture. She studied two post graduate masters in Belgium: Master in Architecture in Human settlements and Master in Ecology followed by a doctoral study.

She has a very demanding family life as a single mother. She is following evening courses in the academy of Fine Arts in Leuven, Belgium for 15 years and works on her paintings in her very limited free time.

Shuktara started with Visual arts (beeldende kunst) supervised by Danielle Siongers (academy year 2005- 2007) and followed a course in Painting (Higher degree + Specialization, academy year 2007- 2016) with the supervision of Hilde Overbergh, Quinten IngelaereWannes Lecompte, Harlinde De Mol, Katelijne Laroy, Philippe De Smedt at the academy of Leuven http://www.slac.be.

Higher degree in Interdisciplinary Art/Vakoverschrijdend (academy year 2016-2017, 2017-2018, 2018-2019) with supervision of Marc Horemans (www.marchoremans.com), academy of Leuven http://www.slac.be.

Present involvement (academy year 2022-2023):

-Interactieve media with supervision of  Bea Albers / Jan Missotten , academy of Leuven.

Academy year 2020-2021 & Academy year 2021-2022:

-Interactieve media with supervision of  Bea Albers / Jan Missotten , academy of Leuven.

Academy year 2019-2020:

-Project studio/Interdisciplinary Art with supervision of Marc Horemans / Esther Eggermont, academy of Leuven.

-Interactieve media with supervision of  Bea Albers / Jan Missotten , academy of Leuven.

Group Exhibitions (through selections)

Belfius Art, headquarters Belfius, Pachecolaan 44 in Brussels, Belgium - (won Public price)


De Groote Kunstexpo, Cultuurcentrum Mechelen, Minderbroedersgang 5 2800 Mechelen, Belgium  - (won Public price)


SLAC (studio Hilde Overbergh), De schuur van A, Wijgmaalsesteenweg 10, Leuven, Belgium

INSIDE-OUTSIDE (gallery Hannah, Herent) with Paul de Win, Ceramist


International Women's Day (with organization Leuven-diversity and equal opportunities department ), March

SETAC EUROPE exhibition in Brussel, June  (https://pilotleuven.wordpress.com/portfolio/drinking-water-crisis/)

PILOT1 exhibition in STUK , Leuven, July  (https://pilotleuven.wordpress.com/portfolio/hokjesdenken/)

MCH, Leuven-solo exhibition, September and October


Group Exhibition: Loss and Desire/ Gemis en Verlangen  in September 

Wilsele dorp, Pastoor Legrandlaan 20, 3012 Wilsele-Dorp- Hannah Interculturele Projecten v.z.w.


The painting “FACELESS” is selected for All Women Art Exhibition-January 2019, for Special Recognition Award.


Group Exhibition: Image Relations/Beeldrelaties in June , class -Project studio-SLAC, Sint-Jorisweert.

Artbox Project Miami 2.0 Art Week, Wynwood gallery -https://www.artboxprojects.com

2nd -8th December 2019 –participated for digital exhibition.


SWISSARTEXPO 20 - 24 August 2020,  SBB Event Hall at Zurich Main Station. ARTBOX.PROJECT Zurich 2.0.  Switzerland.

-participated for digital exhibition.