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Further with Chaos:

Following Marc, chaos has to define in one sentence and we should start thinking our ‘own chaos’ as image.

Trial of mine as below:

But, despite chaos I live fine!

Here-‘I live fine’ is my start point to do or create something about chaos. Because, in this world, everything twists around your own-self.

If you don’t live fine, than life has no meaning. If you close your eyes, than first comes the darkness. If you die, than everything goes way, nothing matters anymore. Whatever the world does to me, it is me who should show the strength and creativity to fight against all odds or chaos.

I took two paintings of mine as base points which I painted in 2013 in the name of ‘here and there’.
Chaos is present in these existing paintings. I took these paintings as background images and build layers on it in Photoshop to show that ‘I live fine’ even on several layers of chaos.
(But these images are just suggestive to hold-on something for the moment.)

So, chaos in 'one sentence' became:

Despite chaos, I live fine!

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