A bit more insight of CHAOS before entering to INERTIA

CHAOS was the theme for the last academic year 2016-2017. Theme INERTIA is in its start point for the academic year 2017-2018.

The past is not easy to let go of and also not always necessary. Here are some memories/few photos of the joint project with  Sylvia Wenmackers  (thanks to the Pilot1-project, I have made the acquaintances with such brilliant scientist like Sylvia www.sylviawenmackers.be/blog ).


PIGEON-HOLING and few photos of the exhibition in STUK, Leuven, July 2017:

This object has been created by a duo: architect and artist Shuktara Momtaz (SLAC) and physicist and philosopher Sylvia Wenmackers (KU Leuven).

This object embodies the thought “Despite the chaos around me, I live fine.”
This serene attitude is symbolized here by the blue interior of the object. Since the individual can change little about the surrounding world, the exterior has been kept unaltered.
While chaos is usually experienced as negative on the emotional level, the concept plays a positive role for physicists: it helps to explain how deterministic systems can be unpredictable in practice.
People categorize each other, often based on external characteristics. When this pigeon-holing is coupled to judgments, it casts shadows over our lives. In addition, similar processes are repeated at different levels: from individual contacts to institutions.
This scale-independence is presented in the sides of the cube. These patterns arise by repeating the same rule (‘remove the middle of a square’) at ever smaller scales. If it would be repeated into infinity, a fractal emerges: a geometric figure, closely connected to the concept chaos (text published in the brochure and website https://pilotleuven.wordpress.com/portfolio/hokjesdenken/ of Pilot1 project, 2017).


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