International Women’s Day 8-3-2018

Roving Eyes

Close your roving eyes, woman,

feel and behold in your pervading darkness

whatever difficult path

you have already crossed.

Sense yourself under the sunshine

when even the sky is gray and not scorched.


You are in the growth of new sprout’s

In all kinds of green,

like symphony in nature, perfection,

the way it always has been.

Do not forget, woman

what you have – your prodigious strength.

Do close your eyes tight 

then you’ll be sure in your own laughter.


They cannot defeat you

whatever the world tries to do,

pushing you into hollowness of all kinds.

The pond can be filled with dirt and mud

but also with startling lilies

vibrant with scent and flitting butterflies.

The dirt belongs to the world

which dishonors you

but you are above all when emotionally independent

with your as-built fire and mystic grandeur.


Shuktara Momtaz (film & poem), Shaon Momtaz (video), Shannon Momtaz (guitar)

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