What I learned from the past?
From my parents and childhood?
That we welcome the others – from our heart,
sure with a smile and offer them what we can best.
Is that what hospitality says?

Now everything changed! My existence stands far.
Even smiling to each other became scarce,
such impoverishment.

War and poverty made a sea of people hit all over the world.
Children are dying from cold and war, but hospitality is withheld
because, we have borders.

People are killing each other, here and there,
some through politics and power,

some of the name of  religion or Allah.
But for the same God’s sake, for what?

The stupidity, foolishness, cruelty, hatred,
different language, different race, different color,
barbarism, sexism, racism, Trump,
made people blind, brought shame, unrest where we belong.
What a torment!

I ask myself, are we already in hell?

But yet I hope,

hope for humanity and hospitality without slaughter.
A world which is all of ours without any race and borders.

‘Peace’ must not subsists sole as a word

but must generates within each of us to make it real as a task,

while we specified us as ‘human’ after all.

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